Omron Electronics Components D3V2-HL


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Manufacturer Part D3V2-HL
Manufacturer Omron Electronics Components
Description D3V HINGE LEVER (EXT)
Category Switches
Family Accessories
Lifecycle: New from this manufacturer.
Delivery: DHL FedEx Ups TNT EMS
Payment T/T Paypal Visa MoneyGram Western Union
DataSheet D3V2-HL PDF


InStock 497
UnitPrice $ 0.43000
We have 497 pieces of D3V2-HL in stock available now. Submit an inquiry for D3V2-HL, we will contact you in 24 hours. We have reliable sources of electronic components, only sell new & original products and offer 1 year warranty for our products.

D3V2-HL Specifications

Type Description
Part Status:Active
Accessory Type:Lever
For Use With/Related Products:D3V Series

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